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    The History of Heathrow Airport

    Heathrow airport is arguably one of the most famous in the world and definitely one of the busiest. It was an RAF pilot, who had to perform an emergency landing in 1925, that first realised how flat the area was. It wasn’t long before this spread through the ranks and Heathrow airport (known as Harmondsworth back then) was used as an airstrip, although it was for military rather than civilian use. Shortly after the Second World War it was officially opened for civilian flights, and it has never stopped expanding since then.

    London airport to Heathrow

    There is some dispute about when the name Heathrow came about, with the first ever mention of the word said to be back in the 15th century. Heathrow Aerodrome and London Airport were also used, but eventually Heathrow was the sole name of the prestigious airport and it’s now known all over the world as such. It is almost a central hub for intercontinental travel, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Since the first commercial flight in 1946 it has created more runways and developed into a modern day marvel, offering transport to any country in the world, at all hours of the day. Although one could say it has become too big now, especially when trying to hurry for a flight!

    Since Heathrow has now become so big, it’s hard to contemplate the gravity of work needed to keep it running smoothly. There are several thousand employees working constantly with tight schedules and the slightest mishap could delay a plane for hours, so the pressure must be unbearable. Despite this, it must be a rewarding vocation working for the world’s most famous establishment. Coordinating airplanes and guiding passengers to the appropriate terminal ensures the airport itself runs well, but little consideration is given to taxi drivers who get passengers there on time. Without Heathrow’s taxis there wouldn’t be any realistic way to ferry people to and from their flights, with buses and trains less than reliable when it comes to timetables. The city of London has plenty of good qualities but one of the biggest drawbacks is its traffic, with millions of people trying to negotiate the streets every day it’s hard to get anywhere sometimes.

    Heathrow has become a popular location but it didn’t happen over night

    The creation and commercialisation of Heathrow airport happened quickly, almost as soon as it was opened to the public it started to expand. This expansion has never really stopped and that means logistics can be a nightmare, even for the experts. Staff that run the airport need to use years of experience and ingenuity on a daily basis, and even then things can go wrong. Passengers are often wondering why their flights are delayed for several hours, but the reality is that such a big airport will have problems, regardless of how well it is run. Fortunately, Heathrow is famous and trusted around the world for a reason; it connects our entire planet on a daily basis and never stops.